About the Boomer Generation


Livin' at Full Throttle!

The Baby Boomer Generation is without a doubt something to stop and really think about...!  Restless, unruly, inventive, daring, controversial, patriotic, freedom lovers and ready to take a stand on issues we feel to be plain BS...  PC is not in our DNA...!

BB's around the world have the same lifestyle - All in...!


The days of Livin' Groovy...

Anything and everything is part of life for BB's...  From the silly to the serious, we consider everything worth hearing, digesting and be acted on it, but must of all, having a good time has been one of the main ingredients that we all live for. Even if things get a little tough, find a way to enjoy life... Make it nice and easy... Fast or slow, it's all about the joy of being able to do for ourselves...


Following the SUN, always...

There is nothing floating around the world, or in outer space that hasn't been created or touched by the Baby Boomer Generation. We get it...!  We are getting older, but all the way to very last one of us - We are still the most relevant group of souls roaming around. Be proud of what we have done, are doing, will do...  Let's go kick some butt...

VideoBang the drum all day

All about getting ready for the weekend...

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